The Indian Dream

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As a typical Indian child I dreamt of becoming a veterinary doctor. Luckily for the animals, the only diagram that I could draw with panache in my biology exam was the Amoeba. That was that!!

Then I dreamt the default ones like scoring high marks, topping my class and making my father proud!!! My father has only had to console himself every time my exam results were out. Without reading much history, without really knowing why there was a partition in the first place, the Indian in me used to dream of Pakistan vanishing from the face of earth one fine day. Fanatical yes, but don’t blame me… blame the Anwars, the Inzamams and the Akrams.

With time I suppose I have matured and so has my dreams as an Indian. Sure, there are plenty of dreams but one dream that props us every time patriotism runs high (which happens quite often) is to become a journalist. Don’t mistake my intentions. I am not after Avantika Singh these days. I have even left her fans community in Orkut. The actual reasons behind this dream of mine might be of interest to most of you. Why? Because I believe the reason is most of our dreams as Indians is the same “To see India really shinning” – The Indian Dream.
So what has my dream got to do with India Shinning? To answer that question we should think of factors which hinder India from shinning. To me the answer is simple – Hypocrisy of the highest order and not to mention ignorance of “We the people” in believing these Hypocrites. No prizes of guessing, by saying hypocrites I mean the Politicians of India. Now, for India to shine we have two options.

1) To eradicate the hypocrisy.
2) To eradicate ignorance.

I know everyone of you will agree when I say that only second option is viable. Educating people of facts is the need of the hour. We need to know the truth, not in bits and pieces but all of it. We should not be feed with facts which are fabricated to suits sections of the society. The more we are told of facts the lesser will be the chance for Hypocrisy to thrive.

I have a strong belief that the current trend of journalism that is being practiced in our country is as pseudo-secular and as hypocritical as our politicians are. How many of us would have the discretion to take the fabricated facts from the media and believe just the parts that are true? Let alone fabrication, at times they don’t report some important bits of information just because it goes against sections of our society.

I am not a journalist yet. But if and when I do realize my dream, I dream of being a journalist who doesn’t pass his judgments on issues, one who doesn’t force his perceptions on the society, one who builds up consensus amongst the people only for constructive purposes, who doesn’t deprive important bits of news from the society regardless of its nature and yes! one who contributes to the ultimate dream of every one of us – To see India Shining.

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