And finally…

…..terrorism has won. INDIAN premier league is not going to be held in INDIA. Courtesy: A pathetic government led by Mr.Manmohan Sonia Singh who fails to realize that there is a world outside 10 Janpath.
I am really interested to know what the INDIAN national congress led by the ITALIAN have put together on their election agenda this time. Because I believe an incumbent government should address two things in their election camping.
1) What have they achieved in their tenure
2) What do they aim to achieve if voted to power.
Second point is just a joke. Let’s not pay attention to it as usual. But there is an outside chance for the first point to make some sense. I believe, it should ideally read that the country has grown in all respects in their tenure. It should explain people how their time at the top has made the country a better place to live. What will it read now? Will it read that India is a safe country?
Of all the problems that a common man faces in today’s world, security is the biggest, because it challenges his or her very right to stay alive. By not providing adequate support and security to the IPL and by shamelessly acknowledging that the country is not secure enough to hold the event in parallel with the elections, the incumbent government has only acknowledged that its governance was a big failure.
I am not disappointed or surprised that the UPA government was a big failure. I am not worried that IPL has shifted base (I am not a big fan of Twenty 20. I like cricket in whites.). What worries me though is the signal that this decision sends all across the world. It paints India as an unsafe country. It also helps the terrorist drill the final nail in the coffin. They attempted to create terror and insecurity amongst Indians. But they have achieved even more that what they set out to achieve. Not only the average Indian but the entire world perceives India as an insecure country now.
Kudos to our useless government!!!! They have made the terrorists proud!!!!!

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