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Pretty interesting words I should say. Because, depending on the way you use it, you can either end up dreaming big or you can end up having nightmares after treading along the path of pessimism. I have had loads of both these categories. I have dreamt big, even some unrealistic ones and I have had nightmares.

One of the earliest ones I remember is the one I used to have on the eve of every difficult exam, what if there is a pen which could memorize all the answers and reproduce it on the answer papers. On the other hand there have been nightmares asking what if the question paper just has the questions which I conveniently decided to omit. Unfortunately the pen never materialized, but the question papers did.

Then I have had dreams of what if I become a pilot, a vet nary doctor, an engineer, an astronaut, prime minister what not? But yes, there was always a scary thought “what if I end up just grazing buffaloes like my math teacher often insists I would?”

What if I get caught while I copy is one seriously thrilling thought during exams and Yes! At times it has stopped me from going too far which is good. But the fear of what if I drown in water hasn’t helped my swimming lessons in anyway. I’ve tried so hard, but even now my swimming instructor says I’m too rigid in water and I need to relax more to be able to even dream of swimming.

So what if I put a couple of dents in the rented car was one positive thought which spurred me on to rent a car and go for a long drive. But given the amount of money that I stand to lose this positive what if thought slowly moved towards the negative side and I don’t rent cars anymore.
What if I am the prime minister is one positive what if that has got me dreaming right from schooling days. I am pretty sure it is the same with most of you as well. I only got as far as no exams, no teachers, no home work and more holidays back then. These days it’s more sensible. But my surname is not Gandhi so this one is going to be one of those pen dreams. But that doesn’t stop us from dreaming does it?

What if I quit my job and go back to studying and writing exams is one what if for which I don’t know if I should go with the positive kind of what if or the negative kind.

Given all the experience I know that “What if’s” of the positive kind have more often than not taken me forward whereas “What if’s” of the negative kind have mostly been hindering my progress. But with age I think it’s more of the negative kind which fills up our mind. The fear of losing plays a decisive part in deciding which kind of What if we should choose. The challenge is to keep this aside and weigh the options rationally.

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