Wise Decision

17th January 2009: Saturday: 12:10PM
Like Tom Hanks and “Wilson” in cast away I and my Ipod were getting along as usual. I was lost in thought, walking towards a bus stop, cursing myself for not having checked the bus timings. I took a left just outside a common wealth bank .5 meters ahead there were a group of people holding some plaques and handing out pamphlets. I didn’t pay much attention to it. As I got closer I saw some plaques reading “free stress reliever”…..and things like that which would never interest me.
Suddenly out of nowhere a girl came in my way with outstretched hands. She asked “would you mind a free hug?” NAN APPADIYE SHOCK AAYITEN!!!!!! You see I was selfless. I was cornered.J I always knew I was a lucky fellow with anything and everything. But is this really luck?
Ideally speaking I should have gone for it. But in a split second I said “No, Thanks!!” For once I think I have made the right decision.
I think “Enormity” helped me in making the right decision. Not the enormity of the incident ….but enormity of the circumference of the girl in question. Surely she would have been three times my size. It would have taken quite an effort from me if I had attempted to hug her. More importantly it would have been the worst explanation that someone could have given for having their bones strapped. J
What is disappointing though is that , there was a cute girl standing right next to this huge girl who offered to hug. If she had given me the same offer….. second thoughts?…no way!!!!..…What deserves a second thought though is the question ….am I really lucky? Lol!

Safety Share of a different kind

This happened last week on Saturday. I was COOKING J . There was a cricket match on the TV, so as usual I was engrossed in it. Hmm…but that doesn’t stop me from being hungryL.
I was damn hungry. So I had put rice in the new electric cooker that we have bought and boiled water for Rasam. Before adding the paste I had heated the bowl of water for some 15 - 20 mins. Although 5 mins would have been sufficient I had totally forgotten that I was in the process of cooking. Finally I came to my senses and added the paste. Kindled it and kept heating it for some 10 more mins. Here again 10 mins of heating wasn’t required but then I was only physically present in the kitchenJ. Rasam came out with a good smell. But how does it taste???? I decided I should taste it before eating. Note that I have been heating this so called “Rasam” on “high “for more than half an hour. Without realizing how long I have been heating that bowl of rasam, I took a small portion of it and poured it on to my mouth.
Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh…..my tongue was totally numb and my lips were burnt. It has taken a week for the burns to disappear from my lips. One of my friends asked “so will you ever do this again?”…meaning will I ever be so absent minded whilst I am cooking …. I said NO …”No” – not for being absent minded. No – I will never cook when there is a match onJ

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