A certification to cherish....

I asked the taxi driver to take us to the A.J.Hackett Bungee jumping site. He said “get in mate” and added that he had very often taken people to this site but he has never had to pick them back from this place!!! J I started feeling a bit uneasy and restless.
We watched a couple of people jump. Both came out smiling and looked as though they enjoyed it.To be honest it didn’t look that scary .So we paid for the jump.We had to sign some papers saying we were undertaking this jump at our own risk and A.J.Hackett is not responsible if anything untoward happens!! Phew….
We took the stairs to get to the top of the bungee site. With every step that I took towards the top I felt I was getting a bit nervous. I felt my heart beat was a bit higher than normal. Halfway through I glanced down. It wasn’t encouraging. J I asked my fried if his heart beat was high as well…. Fortunately he said “Yes”! All sorts of thoughts came up to my mind. Barely 15 days back had I read news on Indian express saying a Techie died in Bangalore while he attempted to Bungee Jump. Scenes of “Final destiny” flashed through my mind. I wondered if there would be any hospitals around. But the place looked deserted, almost a forest. In an attempt to relieve my tension I tried to be humorous. I told my friend to ask Shreya goshal not to wait for me in case something untoward happens…both of us didn’t laugh L All this while I was thinking if I should go first or let my friend jump before me. Finally I made up my mind that I will jump first so that I can get over it in a flash. But I suppose my friend had the same idea. He insisted that he will go first. He jumped first. I didn’t see him jump. While he was hanging in air the guys who were facilitating things tied the Bungee cord to my legs. It was really tight. Still, I wasn’t sure. I asked them if it was tight enough. One of the fellows said, it only going to get tighter. Then he asked me sarcastically if this was the first time I was going to jump? I said yes. He gave a wry smile. L
The ropes were really tight and since both the legs were tied together I found it hard to move. I did move somehow. I moved to the edge. I told myself that I am not going to look down. But unfortunately that was the first thing that I did. God! Believe me 164 feet is really high. It was scary. It was really scary. My mind went blank. I surveyed the whole area. It was all green. The same pond which appeared very beautiful while I was at normal altitude didn’t look that pretty now. In fact nothing was pretty. I was scared, excited, confused, tensed…all at the same time. It was as scary as Anna univ results. J
One of the fellows asked me to wave to the camera (I am happy I managed to smile).Then I heard someone say that on count of five I should jump. I am pretty sure I did hear 5...4...3…but nothing after that. I didn’t jump…. He asked me to move a little forward. Part of my foot was in the air!!! He started counting again. 5…4…3…2…1 and jump…I did jump this time. This moment is what you pay for. The free fall, hoping that the bungee cord will hold you. It was awesome. I am not going to try and explain the feeling because I don’t think I will do any justice. The cord did hold and it took me up and down a couple of times. The scary part was done. I did manage to get on the boat finally and got back to normalcy. I felt a deep sense of relief and achievement. I am a certified “Bungee jumper “now.
By the end of it I did say that Shreya Goshal need not worry any more…and guess what?? both of us did laugh this time... J Teri ore , Teri ore , Teri ore …hay Raba.

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