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Given that we have seen people wish for different things from fairy tales to super star Rajinikath’s Baba,I always thought that I knew what a “wish” meant .But when I thought of writing a post on it things did not fall in place. Questions like what is the difference between a wish and a dream came up.So here is the exact meaning for the benefit of confused people like me.

“Feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that is not easily attainable; want something that cannot or probably will not happen “ - is what my dictionary had to say on wish.Thats not exactly what I had in my mind!!!

Now that I know what exactly is a wish it’s time to come up with my wish list.Wishes of all kinds, from the small ones to the unrealistic ones have started flooding my mind.Lets start with our favorite topic Cricket. The first thing that comes to my mind is not India winning 2011 world cup (although it fits the definition of a “wish” perfectly) rather it is the complete ban on 20-20 that I wish to see.No one on this planet should ever play 20-20. That was a simple pick.

What about Afsal guru and Kasab? I wish our government Hangs both of them before another IC 814 gets hijacked to Kandahar.

What about census. Oh yeah!!! Big one isn't it ? Send those 20 million back. No two ways about it.

I might have gone with wish to see an unbiased media if my dictionary had defined wish as “Want something that will never happen” rather than “probably will not happen”.Okay! thats enough politics for two days!! Lets move on to the lighter ones.

Office - I wish I get to appraise my manager.(Please God, grant me this one!! I will never ask for anything else).And I would not mind 2 months vacation like how we used to have when we were at school.

Romance - My Father might read this post. So we will park this one for now.

What next...where am I heading? - I wish I knew that and I wish I could make a pick. This one is not as easy as the others topics.

Last one - I wish life becomes a little more certain,a little more dependable.

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