Safety Share of a different kind

This happened last week on Saturday. I was COOKING J . There was a cricket match on the TV, so as usual I was engrossed in it. Hmm…but that doesn’t stop me from being hungryL.
I was damn hungry. So I had put rice in the new electric cooker that we have bought and boiled water for Rasam. Before adding the paste I had heated the bowl of water for some 15 - 20 mins. Although 5 mins would have been sufficient I had totally forgotten that I was in the process of cooking. Finally I came to my senses and added the paste. Kindled it and kept heating it for some 10 more mins. Here again 10 mins of heating wasn’t required but then I was only physically present in the kitchenJ. Rasam came out with a good smell. But how does it taste???? I decided I should taste it before eating. Note that I have been heating this so called “Rasam” on “high “for more than half an hour. Without realizing how long I have been heating that bowl of rasam, I took a small portion of it and poured it on to my mouth.
Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh… tongue was totally numb and my lips were burnt. It has taken a week for the burns to disappear from my lips. One of my friends asked “so will you ever do this again?”…meaning will I ever be so absent minded whilst I am cooking …. I said NO …”No” – not for being absent minded. No – I will never cook when there is a match onJ

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