The art of procrastination

I have become very good at procrastinating my work these days. So much so that I call it an art!! There is simply no bias at all. From eating to sleeping, from studying to working the tendency to procrastinate knows no bounds. Over the past year or so I have completely mastered this art .Not that I wasn’t good at procrastinating earlier. The talent was always there, but without people around pestering me to do things at the right time I have become a better exponent of this art. I will try and share my valuable insights in mastering the art of procrastination here. Hope it helps some of you!!!

To master the art we should never, ever have second thoughts about being lazy and the next important thing is to find some kind of reason or a lame excuse if I might say to procrastinate. Let’s face it. Being lazy is no big deal, is it? Nothing can replace that feeling of being lazy. But the challenging part is to find a reason to support our cause and to convince ourselves that the reason is really reasonable. Once you are through this difficult part it’s all bliss. My day yesterday could be used as an example to explain the art. I got up around noon with the list of things in to do like laundry, cleaning the house, studying for an exam, writing a blog but actually ended watching TV whole day doing nothing else. Here I am finally writing a blog hoping to finish it at the earliest and hoping that I tick off at least one task from my To Do list. The reason was a TV channel was celebrating first year anniversary. They threw a party by playing “Friends” all day. That was good enough reason for me to postpone all the other work.

I am thinking about starting a community in ORKUT to try and get inputs from all the other exponents of the art. I have been thinking for a long time though. But topic being procrastination it won’t make sense to create it immediately. That’s a valid reason to procrastinate, isn’t it?

I am also looking at taking a New Year resolution – I should never procrastinate. Problem is I have been thinking which year should I start 2010 or 2011.After all there are only 365 days in between!!!

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  1. soin says:

    why do worry about it all.. the future us are there to do that.. enjoy lazing

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